ANEXE was founded in 2000, and its employees are working in the area for more than 10 years analysing datas. We realized the necessity to create a company that could attend all the necesseries from other companies of small size, medium size and big size. Today, ANEXE works in the area of Market Analysing, Agribusiness, Comsumption and Retail, Comunication and Information, Financial, Government, Automotive and TecnologyOver the years ANEXE developed a serie of clients and partnerships for the knowlged generation.

We could see our client’s necessity and we guided them to get the best advantage from all the information we had, always looking for the growing of these companies.

There aren’t two equal works, because each client has their own particularity becoming a rewarding  job

Today, companies are facing in all their prospection and retention processes of clients a big competition and because of it we stress the necessity to know well their clients. This is essential for the permanence of its company in the competitive market that we have nowadays.